Jan 3, 2007

Website Update - January 3, 2007

Singing in Heaven

An essential and exciting element of 'dirtgirlworld' is the music. The impetus for the dirtgirlworld project is the initial album and how it was received when released. The industry loved it but more importantly, the kids that have the CD are a passionate, loyal and obsessive gang.

Hewey Eustace teamed up with Paul Agar at 'Heaven Studios' in Ashby in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW to re-record 'Go get Grubby'.

Originally from New Zealand via Melbourne, Paul settled in the region, built Heaven Studios and quickly made his mark as a leading music producer, writer and engineer.

Cate popped in to lay down the vocals and the result is a power packing, guitar driven indie kid song that is sure to knock their little socks off.

Kids in the garden

In October, as the jacarandas bloomed in Grafton, filming got underway at the mememe headquarters. Georgia, Ruby and Lucy Hackett were joined by Ben and Dominique Jones to show just what kids get up to in the garden.

We were filming the live action inserts for the 'Go get grubby' Clip. In stark contrast to the week before at Engine Studios in Sydney, this shoot was full of sunshine, low tech and hand held cameras.

Shot by Aliison Kelly, Hewey Eustace and Cate McQuillen the kids and garden starred. The live action in 'dirtgirlworld' reflects what real kids in the real world get up to outside.

SPAA fringe, Big SPAA and the IF Awards

Cate was chuffed to be an invited speaker at SPAA fringe at the powerhouse in Brisbane. Her first time at the conference, she was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and generosity of spirit that abounded.

Cate found that hanging out with people with great ideas, a willingness to learn and a commitment to build the future screen industries was incredibly inspiring.

Teaming up with Cathy Henkle, the two delivered a session full of big ideas, new ideas and positivity entitled from ‘Pitch to Hit!’

Aimee Atkins successfully pitched 'Game on' at the Griffith Fringe Pitching competition, winning first place and free entry into Big SPAA.

Click here for more about Game On !


The 2006 Screen producers Association of Australia Conference Sheraton Mirage

Gold Coast

This year’s big SPAA adventure saw Jenny Lalor and Cate hosting the ready steady pitch session, Cate speaking at the ‘reason’s to be cheerful’ session and Cate and Hewey performing at drinks around the pool.

There were meetings galore, dinner at Versace’s and a sneak peak preview of ‘dirtgirlworld.

The 33 second clip caused quite a stir and mememe can’t wait to share the whole clip at the Kidscreen conference in New York in February. With 21 executives, 120 individual pitches and and 70 delegates, the smooth running Ready Steady Pitch session proved to be a big hit.

There was a real sense of positivity and just the right amount of showbiz. Jenny and Cate are looking forward to working on this again in the future.

Hosted by Ewan Burnett, Kim Wilson from CBC, Cherrie Bottger from Network 10, Jenny Buckland from the ACTF, Katie Cordes from the ABC and Cate McQuillen from mememe shared their reasons to be cheerful about the kids industry and visions for the future in a lively session.

Hewey and Cate once again enjoyed themselves and made the most of this valuable event.

2006 IF Awards.

The IF awards, a glittery event held at the Gold coast convention centre, was the culmination the 2006 SPAA conference Lady in Red; Jenny Lalor, sat up the front and accepted the SPAA producer of the year award on behalf of April Films while the rest of us were up the back in the bleachers with our box dinners.It was fun to celebrate the year’s releases and try and explain our films and stars to the out of towners.

Kim Wilson from the Canadian Broadcast Commission, Jay Ward from Pixar and his wife Trish had a great night , while Aliison Kelly rubbed shoulders with the A-listed, David Wenham.