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mememe productions

Feb 1, 2007


SPAA Brunch - July 2006

In late July, Cate headed to Clunes to Cathy Henkel and Jeff Canin’s Hatchling Production headquarters. Here producers from the North Coast region gathered to yak about the possibility of starting a local SPAA chapter. Geoff Brown, the Executive Director of SPAA and SPAA president Trish Lake attended. They talked about current industry issues, chin wagged with each other and munched out on a brunchy feast.

As you can see from the photo ,Leonie has doubled in height since moving to the coast and Geoff Brown has a positively angelic hue….or is it an aura?

It was a great gathering with promise of more to come.

SPAA Conference 06

Cate McQuillen from mememe productions and Jenny Lalor from Burberry Productions will be producing two sessions at this years SPAA conference on the Gold coast in November.

Entitled Ready, Steady..Pitch! these session promise to be great fun and of great value.

Ready, Steady..Pitch!

One room, eight experts, three minutes and you!

Ready, Steady... Pitch! your project the best way that you can, to an industry bigwig in three incredibly quick minutes... no more, no less.

This is a no mucking around arena of networking opportunity.

Choose to pitch to a broadcaster, commissioner, distributor, telco, financier or digital media leader from the array of amazing guests at the conference. This is a 3 minutes face off to share an idea, build a network, receive feedback and enhance the SPAA conference experience.

There will be 2 Ready, Steady... Pitch!sessions.

One will focus on Children's projects and one will focus on Adult drama. There are no hoops, no prizes, no audience and no applause but you end up the winner.

To find out more details and how to book a pitching spot, go to http://www.spaa.org.au/conference_2006/index.cfm?dx=blank&contentid=450

Xmedialab professional day

In August Cate traveled to Melbourne for the 2006 xmedialab professional day. Focusing on Media Mobility guests included

Brad Keeling from Slice Wireless,
Siddharth Jain from Playware Studios of Asia,
Jakomi Mathews from Rock Sound,
Courtney Gibson from Arts and Entertainment at ABC TV and
Elina Koivisto from the Nokia Research Centre in Finland.

The stand out presentation, for Cate, was from Chloe Sladden from Current TV. This predominately user generated content site is mind blowing.

It has a great financial model in place and divides users into programmers and producers allowing the online community to 'green light' stories.

Initiated by Al Gore 'current TV' targets a youth audience.

It is mind blowing!

Check it out for yourself at www.current.tv

Once again the team at xmedialab, Brendan Harkin and Megan Elliot presented an unforgettable and invaluable conference day. http://www.xmedialab.com.au/

Hewey spent time at Eastern Block studios in Melbourne with Cameron McKenzie working on the Hit it TV music. Incorporating a skipping rope and a cardboard box, the guitar pop, Skip Hop, was the resulting creation.

Aliison Kelly, one of our producers, has scored an internship from the AFC to work with Jenny Lalor and Ewan Burnett from Burberry Productions to enhance her creative producing skills. Aliison will travel down to Melbourne during the pre-production stage of "Animalia".

This is a great opportunity for a regional producer to work closely on a large animation production. Skills learnt during this time will be used to help in the development of Hit it!