Oct 5, 2011

Solar Week in DGW

dirtgirlworld headquarters is switching off the grid and switching on the sun.



Things are hotting up in dirtgirlworld and we are celebrating the sun.
It’s Solar Week in dirtgirlworld!

And there’s s the ‘big switch off’ happening at dirtgirlworld headquarters.

What’s so hot about switching off you may ask?
With 32 panels on roof, and a grid feed system in place, we will be pumping more power than we can possibly use in a day
...making dirtgirlworld carbon negative!! It’s a little step that we have been dreaming about for a long time.!

And we have plans for all that extra sun powered energy.

Not waiting for governments to sort this stuff out, dirtgirlworld like so many other Australian families and businesses, are taking the challenge on by themselves to reduce their energy consumption and pollution factor by 40 % and starting the move to a healthier planet future.

It’s all about doing our best and protecting the planet for all its creatures to call home for years to come..
dirtgirlworld’s new sun farm will be cranking out the energy to help replace the energy needed to hit the road with live events.
Our own little carbon offsetting scheme.
Pretty cool...ummm pretty hot!.... pretty good!

Madman Entertainment is hot for dirtgirlworld too..... ‘
summer’ , dirtgirlworld’s 5th DVD release, hits the shelves across Australia on dirtgirlworld Solar Day, October 5th

And if that wasn’t enough we are having a solar week giveaway.

The awesome gang from Sun Cooking have thrown in an awesome camping solar oven and a solar kettle perfect for heating water and churning out hot chocolate....hot on the inside but not on the out, these spectacular cooking appliances are family friendly and a must have in the arsenal of uber cool eco appliances for those who really care out there.

Check them out at www.suncooking.com.au

Head over to https://www.facebook.com/dirtgirlworldtv
to have a chance to win win win!

It’s time to slap on a hat, wipe on the sunscreen, soak up some D and celebrate the sun.