Mar 1, 2012

A note from Cate and Hewey about dirtgirlworld


From the creators

We live in the middle of nowhere Australia and are first time TV creators...so you can imagine how excited we are about the success of dirtgirlworld.

We still can't belive it and pinch ourselves most day that so many kids and their families are watching dirtgirlworld every day.

The project has sold to over 110 countries world wide and has been translated into many languages including French, Korean and Polish.

People always ask us what made us think up the idea and so we have popped some thoughts together to explain how it all arrived in our hearts and then  made it to your screens.


We live in the middle of nowhere Australia and are first time TV creators...so you can imagine how excited we are.

When dreaming about dirtgirlworld, we always envisaged something truly beautiful.

A photomontage world that blended the real with the unreal, a world inhabited by characters that celebrated life outside and connected with children in a profound way.

We wanted simple sustainable stories; to create a show about the things we know and have really come to love .

We wanted to share our love and thoughts about the future of our planet, from a hopeful and positive place and we wanted it to be fun...and weird....and with heaps of music.

Not ‘worthy’ and wholesome but layered with humour and fantasy,

We wanted characters with heart, characters that were real and genuine and spoke directly to and engaged the children who tuned in....what we wanted was live action with a twist.
This is why we chose to go down an untrodden path in preschool animation.

The technique is somewhat ground breaking...and experimental.
 The incorporation of real mouth and eyes allow our characters to tell a heartfelt story, encapsulating all that is great about the human range of expression and the quirkiness and fantasy that animation brings to a story world.
 The bodies are real bodies.  
Combined it brings a connectiveness and physical fluidity to the performance ...creating ‘gorgeous’... with an edge.

And we like big heads


It’s pure silliness and a bizarre art form, blowing away convention and hopefully introducing our audience to a rich visual palette 
in which to excite imaginations and inspire action. 
We want dirtgirlworld kids to take what they experience on TV and step outside 
into their own equally fantastic rich worlds and get amongst it.

It's really for the older preschool set.

It’s a contemporary look, has a music video feel, is stylish, innovative and engaging ...and more beautiful than we ever imagined.

The result of many hearts and talents coming together with a single focus....across many platforms.

We are creatively driven, positive dreamers who are committed to the planet and daring enough to believe we can change the world...just a little bit  .
dirtgirlworld is an opportunity for us to be our best.

dirtgirlworld is based on the idea that from little things, big things can happen.
 We want to encourage and inspire the next generation of 
compassionate (and passionate!) earth dwellers .

We would like dirtgirlworld to help create an environment for social change 
and to move children and those who care for them from simply 'viewing' to really 'doing'.

We all protect what we love. 
We hope that we inspire children to love going outside .
We hope that by instilling a love of the environment and a sense of empowerment, 
that this new generation become active carers of the planet, 
creating a world where nature first is second nature.

With dirtgirlworld we have an opportunity to do all this through a family of beautiful characters, 
a collection of memorable stories 
and great music that will touch hearts and rock planet earth.