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dirtgirl is passionate about ‘doing’ things to help the planet.

Everyday she meets other kids that feel the same.
Why not start a club, where kids who care for the planet can
hang out, have a say, get involved and have fun.
And that’s exactly what she did


Made for the wee set, not only is it a place for planet loving kids
it’s also an early intro to the world of social media.  
At club dirtgirlworld, these digi natives create a username and password and
an avatar. They can save, send, like, download, delete, review and record.
It’s uber cool and uber safe in this real people moderated online play space.  
It’s a place where you play, click around and experiment to find out how it all works and when in doubt, dirtgirl’s voice will help you out.
Just click on the tin can phone!

It’s an experiential, audio driven space that kids can navigate through ‘having a go’. No adult voices are published on the website.
We can pick a grown up pretending to be a kid from a mile away.
It’s a special place for little voices.  
It’s moderated. …by real people …not a machine.
And even before moderation, you decide and need to give permission
if you want your child’s voice s to be included in the forest
published to the web.
But here’s something really cool…even if you decide not to allow your child’s voice to be heard by the rest of the world, they can hear themselves only on your home computer , giving them the impression that they are part of a greater community while protecting their privacy and security.  
Voices are moderated for lots of things…inappropriate language, tricky adults pretending to be kids, audio quality and most importantly identity.

Kids are not allowed to say their real names on clubdirtgirlworld and are asked to use their cute club name when referring to themselves in the club.
A submitted voice will be rejected if it includes the child’s real name.  
And all of this is because we care and want to provide a safe and fun place to play online …of course.

Designed around the forest at the back of dirtgirl’s place
this beautiful and magical setting
lets little voices say big things,
make planet wishes and
celebrate the great things they are doing

It’s free and it’s ad free.
That really important to us…we did not want to bombard little kids (or you) with advertising….not even our own.
We raised the funds ourselves for the site with the assistance of Screen Australia and we are really proud of that!

It’s made for little kids by big people with little kid hearts.

It’s club dirtgirlworld!

So jump on line and have a look..play about a bit and for way more info on the site you can read lots the link to big people on the bottom of the clubsite page
Or at our scrapblog  http://dirtgirlworldscrapblog.com/category/club-dirtgirlworld
and for everything else dirtgirlworld
including loads of games , news and the eco store
pop over to
or like us on facebook at  

It’s a whole world of outside fun!